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Weekend Round-up for SKNFA League matches.

The SKNFA’s Women’s Carnival Cup results for the weekend were as follows:
On Friday 16th November St. Peters Blue Angels lost their first match of the season to C.C.C Bath United 1 goal to nil. On Saturday 17th November, Delphic Newtown United trampled UDC Garden Hotspurs 11 (eleven) goals to nil and Conaree Lady Spartans defeated Cayon 1 goal to nil. On Sunday C.C.C Bath United and Rams Village Superstars ended a fiercely competitive match in a 1-1 draw.

At the end of this weekend’s female matches the point standing table is as follows:

On Saturday 17th The WICWC U-14 League results were as follows:

Blanchette Academy 5-2 PASS
Newton Ground 0- 8 Keys
Village superstars 2-1 Davis Construction Lodge Patriot
Verchilds 0-6 St. Thomas Trinity Strikers
S.P.S United 3-0 Molineux
St. Peters 0-3 Delphic Newtown United

The WICWC U-14 Point standing is now as follows:

The Division I results for the weekend were as follows:

On Saturday 17th November Challengers defeated Conaree 5 (five) goals to 1 (one) and on Sunday 18th C.C.C Bath United defeated Molineux 5 (five) goals to nil.

The Point standing for the SKNFA Division I League is as follows:

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