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Winners Circle Newtown United Crowned Champs Once Again.

Basseterre, St. Kitts- Winners Circle Newtown United, formerly known as Delphic Newtown United have captured their crown after having to overcome a few bumps in their journey back to the top. Saturday 23rd March saw Newtown coming up against H.E Garden Hotspurs who seem to be making quite a statement at the highest level of football in St. Kitts and Nevis.

The first half of the finals of the SKNFA’s FA Cup went without so much as one ball rolling past either goalkeeper. Newtown were however on edge and played very carefully as their goalkeeper picked up a yellow card in the 18th minute of play. The second half saw much more intensity as realization dawned on both teams that the end was nigh. Thirteen minutes into the second half, the young Marlo Martin proved to be a hero for his team as one ball was slotted past Spurs’ goalkeeper.

The question now plaguing everyone’s minds was whether or not Newtown could hold on and with a single goal, claim the title. Twenty two long minutes passed by and the champions raised their hands in jubilation. Winner Circle Newtown United are the SKNFA 2014-2015 FA Cup champions.

Congratulations to the Winner Circle Newtown United Football Club.

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