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Young SKN Football Players Rewarded for Marrying Academics and Athletics.

Basseterre, St. Kitts- Young SKN football players once again make the St. Kitts- Nevis Football Association proud by placing emphasis on academic achievements. SkN’s male footballer Kassall Greene is now the recipient of a “full ride” scholarship kind compliments Baruch College. Kassall was discovered by by a coach in England who was impressed by his skill and work ethic last year during an SKNFA Premier League match with his local club Winner Circle Newtown United. This discovery then led to him being referred to coaches at Baruch College. His skill was definitely what drew the coaches to him, but his CFBC grades were the catalyst for his being considered, selected and accepted.

Kassall is thankful to everyone that has helped him along his journey and promises to make them proud. He is especially thankful to Jeffrey “Pedro” Hazel as he can recalls Pedro being the first person to really give him a chance to play. “I was a late bloomer, it took me a while to develop my skill level and Pedro gave me a chance with WAHS. He definitely had a huge impact on my life”. Kassall says his experience thus far has been wonderful and is looking forward to playing this upcoming season.

Greene wishes the youth of St. Kitts would take advantage of the opportunities afforded to them. “I love football and wouldn’t give it up for anything, but I use it mainly as an avenue through which I can achieve my educational goals. I wish other youth would take advantage of the opportunities that are available, they are there. Do not wait for anyone to do it for you. Even after you receive acceptance and scholarships, it does not end there, that’s just the beginning. That’s where the hard work begins. Remember to keep up your grades, this is essential for keeping your scholarship”.

Female soccer player Astonia Carey became the recipient of a football scholarship to Concordia College NY last year is on her way to making herself and the people of SKN proud of her. As a college freshman, Astonia has managed to be named to the Dean’s list for the Fall 2013 semester. This honor has a requisite of a G.P.A of at least 3.5. In speaking with Carey she mirrored Greene’s feelings toward using football as an avenue and keeping up academics. “I was also a late bloomer, I didn’t begin playing football competitively until my final year at CFBC which was very difficult especially as a female player. Fortunately for me I’m a fast learner,very hard worker and had many people that believed in me. Football eventually became my life in every sense. I’m involved in SKN football at every level from Grassroots to the national program in different ways. Marrying football and academics has one of my most rewarding decisions thus far. They both got me here, not one nor the other, both”.

When asked about her experience thus far, she expressed immense love and gratitude to the people of St. Kitts-Nevis and her CCNY network. “I absolutely adore the people that have helped me along the way and those I have gotten to know here. The management and staff of the SKNFA have been nothing short of amazing and I feel lucky to have met them. My CCNY family is wonderful and I cannot wait to have my first season this fall. Opportunities are endless, you just have to be willing to work for it. Nothing will be handed to you, when you put your all into something you are passionate about it becomes clear to everyone that has eyes”.

The SKNFA is extremely proud of Kassall and Astonia on their achievements and wish them the best in their collegiate endeavours.

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