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Youth football is back as the Keith Gumbs U-17 League got underway on Friday, September 8 at Warner Park, the SKNFA Premier Youth Cup U 13 and Atiba Harris U-15 League on the following day. In the Keith Gumbs U-17 League at the Warner Park:


Rams Village Superstars 4 – 4 Hotspring Bath United


Newtown United vs. Conaree Super Feet

** Conaree Super Feet did not show up for the match.


At Verchilds Playing Field:


Match #1 


H E Garden Hotspurs vs TGE Dieppe Bay Eagles

** H E Garden Hotspurs did not show up for the match.



Nagico Cayon Rockets 2 – 0 St.Thomas/Trinity Strikers



Then on Saturday, September 9th in the SKNFA Premier Youth Cup (U-13)


Jones Group Sandy  Point 1 – 6 Hotspring Bath United



In the Atiba Harris U – 15 League in Sandy Point:


Bath United 3 – 4 St.Peters


The league continued last week into this weekend with the following results:


Saddlers 5 – 1 Security Forces



Atiba Harris U – 15 League in Cayon:




* Security Forces forfeited the match. 


In the Keith Gumbs U-17 League on Sunday, September 17:


St.Peters 1- 2 Bath United (Venue: Warner Park)


Village 0-2 Cayon  (Venue: Old Road)


St.Thomas / Trinity United vs. Spurs: Spurs don’t show up for the game .


Newtown United 2-1 Dieppe Bay ( Warner Park)