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The Conaree Guinness Street Soccer Tournament Experience

Kingston, St. Vincent & the Grenadines- Conaree, after defeating each team in the local Guinness Street Soccer Tournament in May 2013 travelled to St. Vincent to take part in a regional competition. The team placed 4th in the tournament among other teams from the Caribbean. In an interview with the coach of Conaree FC Isiah Morris, a very detailed overview of the experience was given.

“Good morning

The team comprised of seven players, a coach, a manager and the Skill Competition Representative. The team was placed in Zone B after the captain Mudassa Howe selected a bottle of Guinness with “B” taped to the bottom. The other teams that made up the zone were St. Vincent, Dominica and Grenada. Most teams were on par however, I believe that the teams that participated for the 2nd year seemed to be a little more abreast of the competition. They played a very fast uptempo well controlled game. Most teams were technically sound and kept good possession of the ball. The team was able to advance to the semi-finals after defeating Grenada and St Vincent 2 nil and 2-1 respectively. In that process we lost to Dominica 1 nil. In the semi-final match up we played against Zone A winner, Trinidad and Tobago and lost that game 1 nil. Trinidad went on to win the championship. In the consolation match our opponent was St Lucia, a team that we could have beaten but unfortunately they got the better of us and defeated us 3-1. Thus the team scored 5 goals while giving up 7 in the tournament. Our strengths came down to age as it paid dividends in being the youngest team on show and as well the physical presence and toughness was outstanding. Our weakness was inexperience. The difference between the local competition and that competition was the atmosphere created in terms of crowd support and the officiating, the goal size and the goal area. Kyle, the Skill Challenge Rep ought to be commended but a few of those guys are in a different world and it shows that the criteria to select to winner locally was way from expectation. Most of the persons in the skill competition has been practicing for a number of years and they do not play the game like we do. Its like that’s all they do with a soccer ball. The experience was great ranging from accommodation and hospitality. We look forward for next year’s competition and hope that faith stays with us and we get another bite at the cherry. 4th place finish, not bad at all”.

The SKNFA wishes to congratulate Conaree on a job well done!

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