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Farewell tribute to the late Tesril Nisbett at her funeral service .

Tribute to Tesril Nisbett.

Tesril will no doubt always be remembered for her generous ways, her incredibly unique personality and her charisma, but overall, when we think of our Tboe the photos engraved into our minds’ databases are those of her with a football at her feet. It would be very selfish of me to just recall all the good times I shared with Tes, especially as I am here today representing the SKNFA and the female national team. I have therefore asked some of our dearest teammates and friends to contribute some of their most memorable conversations and memories and here’s what I got:

Kerisha: remember we were up late one night talking about how stupid we were, practically competing for the title and Tesril beat me with this one: One night I was sleeping and I woke up to go to the bathroom and when I caught myself I realized I was on the floor looking for the doorknob. Kerisha says she remembers asking her friend “ Well it drop off”? Tesril responded” Noooo, I was on the floor trying to turn the knob to open the door”. Really Tesril?

Tynetta said “I can recall many nights where we held conference conversations really late where we would talk about everything spanning from love to football, which is basically the same thing. For hours we would make jokes and laugh with each other. Those days will surely be missed.

Rozel said and I had to quote this “Okay, so Suriname we bin a lose right, and errybody a cry except me, kel, kay an Tes and Tesril say R U no see dem dey bawlin face and all R we bin a laugh”. I can definitely imagine Tes saying that.
Apparently this was an unforgettable experience because Kazel recalls this very well, she stated, and I’m not translating for anyone “Suriname game dey cheat us off n all a dem a bawl N me, kel, Rozel and Tes di laffin after dem. We aint fret cz we knew the capabilities of Tesril. Right afta d game blow back on there was a goal by Tesril. Of course that must have been very memorable.
Shauna chuckled a bit recalling a memory of Tesril. I could remember when Tesril beat Ceather like 5 times in one game and a blown Ceather said “who send she boy” n started breathing real hard. I was upset because we were playing on opposing teams but I had to laugh. I remember that too Shauna.

Kerrise’s fondest memories of Tesril included how she always made her laugh. If I really had to say which is my favourite memory it would be when she scored the goal in Suriname. She was very happy although she was in pain she was a very tough person. Other than that I loved how she would record herself singing or dancing to make me laugh.
Tracy gave me this memory of Tes. As a former national U-20 and Senior teammate of Tesril, I loved shouting “Tesbo” on the field during play. One of my favourite memories was giving her an assist in the game vs Suriname . She was skillful, hardworking and as a striker also I enjoyed working hand in hand with her. Anyone that knows Tes knows she was very competitive and would always say to me “mac you a real baller keep up the works”. I’m sure all the female footballers respected Tes as much as I did for her dedication and humility. She was always ready for a match and nothing seemed to bother her. She always complimented others and we will surely miss her.

Tesril coach Morris wants to tell everyone here “My fondest memories were of course of her pleasant personality. Nothing bothered her. She always wanted what’s best for me and that is exactly what was reciprocated. My first time coaching females was when I met her and right away I spotted the talent. Coincidentally when the U20 team traveled to Suriname, the joy and tears she brought to my eyes were with her attitude toward winning. Tesril almost single handedly, though she was injured catapulted team SKN into winning their first major tournament ever. Though her first goal was disallowed she kept on working hard and when in the dying moments we needed 2 goals to defeat the host team, she was instrumental in assisting Tracy Willock to level the scores at 1 goal each in the 79th of play. Five minutes later Tesril found the back of the net and it was pandemonium in Suriname as the team celebrated on that major achievement. Basketball was one of her favourite past times and ever since being accepted into college, every time she was on break and was about to return home she would make sure to let me know that ‘we got to go run some ball’. She also wanted me to form a female basketball team to enter the SKABA league. Unfortunately that dream never escalated. It was a pleasure coaching such a performer, such a talent and of course knowing her as a person. I will surely miss her. Gone but will never be forgotten”. I know there is not one person in here that has come into contact with this Tesril that will not miss her. On behalf of the Management and Staff of the SKNFA and the players of the female national teams we love and miss you Tes.

by Astonia Carey (fellow teammate and employee of the SKNFA).

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