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Johnson re-elected president; Full Johnson team elected to executive.

Basseterre St. Kitts- 1st June, 2013. Under the watchful eyes of representatives from the SKNOC and FIFA the SKNFA Electoral Congress ended in victory for Anthony Johnson and his team

This could be considered a clean sweep as all the candidates on the Johnson’s slate were elected to serve.

Anthony Johnson retained the Presidency of SKNFA winning 15 votes to 7 for Jenkins and 4 for Maitland. This represented more than the 50% plus 1 required for victory and hence there was no run off.

Alistair Edwards was elected First Vice President amassing 15 votes, beating Leon Natta (9) and Dennison Paul (1). Here again no run off was necessary.

Don Grant elected Second Vice President beating Tishell McClean. Grant got 14 votes as opposed to McClean’s 11.

The seven persons elected as members were Vern Evelyn- Maynard, John Bergan, Carlton Pinney, Corneil Williams, Dominic Stevens, Raymond Smith, and Keithly Pemberton.

Anthony Johnson expressed his satisfaction to the press but warned that a huge task remains ahead. “I am extremely happy at this point as the hard work we put in during the campaign paid off. We made some mistakes along the way and I am happy too that we now have a chance to set those records straight,” he said

The new management committee now looks to complete the senior leagues, Host a female referees’ course and the commencement of another youth league as activities in the immediate future. It has also been mandated to complete the audited accounts within reasonable time and have them tabled at an extra-ordinary meeting.

“Now that this is over the hard work resumes”, Jonson concluded.

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